Dog training in greater London, Ontario

Train Your Dog with TLC – Trust, Leadership & Compassion

At Quest Canine Services, we go beyond meeting your dogs’ basic needs – giving them the social, physical and emotional fulfillment they need to thrive. This positive reinforcement and socialization is especially important when it comes to training your dog.

Through years of dog training experience, we’ve seen the amazing results that come from mutually respectful relationships between pets and the people who love them.

Quest Canine’s dog training will help you:

  • Understand your dog’s needs – based on cues like body language – and teach you how to respond

  • Keep your dog happy while you remain in control

  • LEAD, using affection and unconditional love

  • Raise a happy, confident, obedient dog

Our obedience training can help:

  • Stop your dog from jumping

  • Stop your dog from biting and chewing

  • Stop your dog from barking and whining

  • Stop your dog from digging and other excessive or “bad” behaviour

Our dog training is structured around relationship building between your family and your pet. We strongly encourage everyone in the household to participate in training your dog.

We offer in-home dog training in St. Thomas, Port Stanley and surrounding areas for your convenience, making it easy to involve the whole family, and providing a comfortable, familiar setting for you and your pet.

We can also board and train your dog. Quest Canine Services will provide dog boarding for an agreed to amount of time to house train your pup, provide obedience training, or problem solve behavioural issues.

All of our obedience training is designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring you and your pet get the personal attention you need to reach your training goals.

Regardless of your dog’s age, breed or personality, the right approach to dog training can yield incredible results. You may even surprise yourself!

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